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Michael Scott Rizzo

Website Consulting / Mobile Friendly Websites / Responsive Designs


Professional Profile

Web Consulting, Mobile Friendly Websites, Responsive Web Design
Specializing in effective marketing solutions for businesses of every size. Highly experienced in channel sales through Responsive Websites, Amazon, eBay Stores, Commercial Signage and Print Media. Whether you need Search Engine Optimization, Mobile friendly Website Design, Social Media Management or just a review of your overall marketing, contact me for fresh new ideas that get results.
Tired of your bottom line staying at the bottom?
Maybe its time for the advice of seasoned professional that can put your business on track to higher returns. Whether your a new start-up or an established company, I am confident I can help in ways you have not imagined. With over 32 years as a serial Entrepreneur I will identify key areas your company can improve so you can excel above the competition.
Available - Per Diem, Hourly or Direct Hire

Customer Testimonial
"I have conducted business with Mr Rizzo in the past he is one of the most honest and customer focused people that I ever dealt with. If he says it's done it's done".
-Willy Williams, Bob Johnson Chevrolet

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Website Consultant


Ability Highlights

Creating new opportunities on diversified sales channels through creative design and effective marketing techniques. My vast experience in non-synergistic industries gives me a unique perspective on how to add to your bottom line.

  • Website Design & Re-design
  • Wordpress Installation & Management
  • Shopping Cart Systems
  • Amazon & Ebay Store Setup
  • SEO, SEM & Email Marketing

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Customer Testimonial
"I just wanted to thank Mike Rizzo For his valuable advice. Your answers and guidance have helped with my health, business and my faith! Can't thank you enough. God bless and have a great day".
-R Vega, The Sign Doctor

Online Sales

High Conversions

Creative Design

Cutting Edge


Unique Concepts


Web, Email, Media


With over 30 plus years as an Entrepreneur I possess a large diversified skill set that quickly distinguishes me from my peers. Being involved in the world wide web prior to the e -Commerce boom gave me a ground floor perspective of its evolution. Back in 1997 My first e-Commerce initiative was a crudely designed website that relied on a inbound 800# a recorded message and a PO box. That freshman effort was the beginning of my infatuation with online sales.
The World Wide Web and e-Commerce have come along way since then and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see its evolution. With so many products now flooding the marketplace, private label and branding diversified business models quickly became part of my marketing methodology. I quickly realized in order to eliminate pressure from competition I had to design and build my own brands. Private Labeling non-synergistic products gave me skill and insight into vertical markets that most never get an opportunity to experience. I believe my diverse experience provides me a unique ability to identify opportunities in your organization you may not realize exist

  • Website Design & Re-Design
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Shopping Cart System Setup
  • Web Payment Implementation
  • Photoshop & Dream Weaver
  • Commercial Sign Design
  • Logo Creation & Branding
  • Printing & Ad Design
  • Usability Studies
  • eBay & Amazon Store Setup
  • Google & Bing Ads
  • SEO, SEM Email Marketing
  • Hosting & Server Setup
  • MySQL Database Management
  • Website Server Migration
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Backup
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Creation
  • Facebook, Google Plus Pages
  • eMail Marketing
  • SEO Sales Copy
  • Keyword Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Piggy Back Marketing

Sales Technique

In Sales I follow the simple rule of ABC "Always be Closing" The phrase was popularized in the film "Glen Garry Glen Ross" used to describe a sales strategy in which you are constantly identifying opportunities to pitch new products or services and fortify the company bottom line. ABC is a strategy that requires a marketer whether in person or through digital communication to be a persuasive and effective salesman. I am fortunate to come from a family of people that naturally possess these traits. My Father was a gifted man, he was an articulate communicator, engaging teacher, serial entrepreneur and above all an excellent salesman . Well as they say “Apples don’t fall far from the tree”. Call me when your ready to get measurable results

SEO Sales & Ad Copy
Effective Design & Creatives
Sales Channel Diversity


Over Three Decades Of Entrepreneurial Experience!

Highlights Of A Rich, Colorful Career that has spanned over 30 years.

Customer Testimonial
"Mike Rizzo has been crucial to the continued growth of my company. His expertise has allowed my business to grow considerably due to his extensive knowledge of ecommerce. I highly recommend him if you are looking to take your internet business to the next level. Many other consultants give empty promises, Mike's guidance is the real deal, A+++"
-Mike @ Cells4Cheap

JAM eCommerce


Est 2010
Sales of Health, Wellness, Beauty and Electronics via eBay, Amazon stores and e-commerce websites. Current portfolio consists of over 40 retail and private label products sold globally to 20,000 customers
Short Circuit Studios

Digital Marketing

Est 1999
Business Marketing & Media Consulting. Specializing in designing websites, print media and commercial signage for select clients.
Jam Shack Music

Musical Arts

Brick & Mortar Music Store: Sales, Lessons, Rental and Repair of musical instruments. Sales of musical supplies to school districts: Operation of Jam Shack School Of Musical Arts, monthly continuity enrollment 250 Students. Sold Business in 2012.

Branded Ecommerce

Niche Branding in vertical markets. Weight loss, Psoriasis Treatment, Pet Supplements, Health & Wellness. Orders exceeding 400 units per month to 12,000 customers Sold business in 2005
Genesis Tile And Marble

Tile Artisan

Journeyman Tile Artisan Local #11 B.A.C. Sales, Installation and Repair, Commercial - Residential Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Granite and Marble.

Tanning Salon

Brick And Mortar 10 Bed Tanning Salon, Retail Merchandise And Membership Sales. Monthly continuity enrollment over 300 members. Sold the Business in 1994
MSR Development

General Contractor

1988 - 2006
Residential & Commercial Construction Management for select clients. Sales and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, room additions. Site management, layout & designs. Retired from the construction industry after building my last home in 2006.


Educational Journey

The most successful people in this world are self taught.
In the infamous words of Benjamin Franklin "Experience is the Greatest Teacher". A very large portion of my business education is from the (University Of Hard Knocks). Ever willing to try new things I have always taken a hands on approach to new ventures. My business acumen has been honed through decades of hands on experience, trial and error that cannot be learned in a classroom.

Customer Testimonial
"I have been in business all of my life, when I met Mike 10 years ago I expressed an interest in learning about websites and making money online. Mike not only taught me the business but sold me one of his websites which I make money with today, To this day he has remained a Good friend and trusted advisor".
-Neil Meislin, President Business Brokers of America Inc.

University of Hard Knocks

Masters Degree

1999 - Present
Magna Cum Laude
Creative Brainstorming, New Business Development, Niche Industry Branding, Vertical Market Integration, Multiple Channel Sales.
New Horizons

ProSoft CIW Training

2000 - 2001
Certified Internet Webmaster
Over 2000 completed course hours in Website design, Graphics Design, Advanced HTML, XML, Database management, CSS, Networking and Web technologies, using Microsoft , Novell .ASP Adobe systems software.
Greece Arcadia

Visual Arts

1979 - 1982
Obtained Diploma in 36 Months
Major: Applied industrial arts, creative arts, written communications and history.


A snapshot of my portfolio

Featuring a variety of accomplishments & milestones that have defined my career and molded my business style.
“Creativity takes courage. ” Henri Matisse-

Customer Testimonial
"Wanting to take my consulting business to the next level, I reached out to Mike Rizzo. Knowing his knowledge and passion for business, I knew it was a good choice. Thanks to his advise and direction, Albertson Consulting is on the move. Thanks Mike. Best Regards. Ron Albertson"
-Albertson Consulting Services.


Let's Keep In Touch

Give me a call or throw me an email, I would love to show you how I can help.

Customer Testimonial
"Dealing with Mike for over 20 years I can tell you his expertise and knowledge is unmatched and nothing short of great. I will forever be grateful and continue to use him. "
-Mark, MKaG Marketing.

Michael Scott Rizzo
Daytona Beach Florida
United States.

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 Customer Testimonial
"Over the years, Mike has been an outstanding colleague and business advisor. He has helped guide my company through many growth and marketing issues, with nothing but intelligent, thoughtful, and obtainable suggestions. He works on a different level than most".
~ Ian Macdonald - Sick Drummer Magazine

Michael S Rizzo